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Update on Funi's possible pregnancy

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2016 02 05 | In: Adelaide Zoo

2014 09 19 Adelaide Zoo - Fu Ni 012

Adelaide Zoo wrote this update on Funi’s possible pregnancy:

This week we got the exciting news that we’re getting closer to confirming whether our Giant Panda Fu Ni is pregnant.

Since November, the panda care team has been conducting ultrasound examinations to try and discover if Fu Ni is pregnant as this method is the only true way to determine if a panda is pregnant.

However in the last week Fu Ni’s become less willing to participate, which means zoo keepers need to rely on changes in her behaviour and hormone levels for clues.

Over recent days zoo keepers have seen a few changes in her behaviour, which based on what has been previously seen in years when Fu Ni has gone through phantom pregnancies, it’s thought the coming weeks will be the most crucial in discovering if Fu Ni is pregnant.

The changes seen in her include loss of appetite, sleeping for longer periods of time, sensitivity to light and sound and nest making, all signs she’s within weeks of giving birth or coming to the end of a phantom pregnancy.

We recognise the community is just as keen as we are to find out if she’s pregnant, but we ask everyone to be patient and continue to support us through this exciting journey.

Once we have more news, we’ll be sure to share it as soon as possible!


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