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Hao Hao has been Artificially Inseminated

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2018 04 16 | In: Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza announced on it’s facebook page that Hao Hao has been Artificially Inseminated.


« I may just be getting a baby brother or sister! I’d love for the world to have even more panda’s! Everything went well and our keepers were there every step of the way for my dad Xing Hui and my mom Hao Hao. In the meantime they are already acting like nothing happened. My parents really do have that pandapower in them! Did you know that I was conceived this way too? Would you cross your fingers, your toes, your hair, your anythingyouwant… for the insemination to work? Dad did his part and now it’s all on mom. I am sure that she could definitely use all of your positive energy when you visit her!» Tian Bao

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