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Tian Tian and her snowman

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2013 01 24 | In: RZSS Edinburgh Zoo


As snow fell all across the United Kingdom in the post weekend, snowmen started to pop up everywhere. Even the keeper’s at Edinburgh Zoo joined in with the frosty fun, creating a snowman of her very own for female panda Tian Tian.

Many people don’t realise that giant pandas love snow and really enjoy playing with the cold, white stuff whenever it appears in their natural habitat of the Chinese mountains and forests. However, keeper’s think that this was probably Tian Tian’s first encounter with an actual snowman. With carrots for eyes, a nose and buttons and a hat made of panda cake, Tian Tian was quick to inspect the new addition to her enclosure and munch her way through the edible finishing touches.

Next, Tian Tian took great delight in demolishing the snowman in a playful burst, rolling the large snowballs of its body and head down the hill of her enclosure!

Holly Duncan and Derek Elsby, both members of the visitor services Panda Team at Edinburgh Zoo, managed to capture the moment.

Source: Edinburgh Zoo

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