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Gao Gao's Road to Recovery

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2011 10 10 | In: San Diego Zoo


Gao Gao has been secluded in the upper portion of the San Diego Zoo’s Giant Panda Research Station as he recovers from his procedure of last Thursday. By all accounts, he is doing well. The keepers have fashioned a little nest for him out of hay, and he has used this mattress as his primary resting spot for the last few days. They are keeping a watchful eye on him, and our volunteer observers pulled extra shifts over the weekend to help monitor him as well.

We are noting everything he eats, when he drinks, when he walks about, and when he urinates or defecates. We are pleased to share that he has been eating and has taken to the bamboo bread our nutritionists have been making especially for him. He has passed some stool in the last 24 hours, indicating proper bowel function. And he has been moving around a little, getting out into his sunroom briefly. All of these are positive indicators of a good recovery. So far, so good.

Thankfully, Gao Gao has paid little attention to the stitches in his abdomen. After some initial scratching (they must be itchy!), he has ignored them. In time, they will dissolve and fall out. In the meantime, we are pleased that they do not seem to bother him much.

Although he appears well on the road to recovery, it will be some time before he is deemed fully healed, so you can expect him to remain behind the scenes for a while. We will provide you with regular updates as to his progress. Thank you for all of your well-wishes!

Suzanne Hall
Senior Research Technician for the San Diego Zoo

Source: San Diego Zoo

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