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Pandamonium: the story of Danny & Mary Schultz

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2012 12 01 | In: Giant Panda News


I know many panda fans around the world, but one of the strongest stories of Pandamonium known by me, is the one of Danny and Mary Schultz of Dallastown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. They have celebrated their love of the panda in various ways; volunteering at the National Zoo, taking trips to the panda reserves in China, creating panda paintings, and collecting over 4,000 panda-related items for a collection in their home.

Take a look at this video, where Danny and Mary share the story of their “Pandamonium!”



Danny Schultz & Tai Shan


Panda Art by Mary Schultz


Jeroen Jacobs & Danny Schultz at the National Zoo in 2006

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