Giant Panda Global Awards

The Giant Panda Global Awards are organized by, to promote the important panda conservation work in China and abroad.

Panda fans from around the world are invited to vote for their favorite pandas, people and institutions from in December 2017 & January 2018.

The fifth edition of the Giant Panda Awards will be launched soon.

183.943 votes were registered during the previous edition. The highest amount of voters came from the United States of America, China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Japan, Germany and Spain.


There are only 1.864 giant pandas left in the wild. The captive population today exists of 520 individuals. The work of the Chinese panda experts on ex-situ and in-situ panda conservation is a sign that there is hope for this endangered species and for many others. The giant panda is a real ambassador for wildlife and many other species benefit from the efforts that are made in the panda conservation field.

See you soon for the Giant Panda Global Awards 2017, an event created to promote panda conservation, education and research activities.

Jeroen Jacobs