Giant Panda Reintroduction Program

The program to reintroduce giant pandas born in captivity back into the wild began in July 2003. The selected giant pandas follow wild training and researchers study them from the fields of ecology, behavior, veterinary needs, feeding management and the captive individuals’ adaptability in the wild.
The program has undergone many phases and changes as knowledge among scientists working with the program has increased.

Giant Panda Protection Areas

Giant panda numbers are increasing. The results of the 4th Giant Panda Census showed that there are 1.864 wild giant pandas. Slowly but surely this remarkable species is edging away from the brink of extinction – thanks to the successful conservation projects.

But pandas still face a number of threats, particularly habitat loss and fragmentation, so extra efforts are needed to ensure that they continue to survive and thrive. Creating new reserves and linking up existing panda populations are key to the species’ future.

The Chinese authorities have increased the number of panda reserves to 67 in recent years, but this still leaves around 30% of wild pandas outside protected areas.

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Who shares giant panda habitat

By saving the iconic giant panda, we also secure a vibrant future for other incredible wildlife.

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