Giant Panda Zoo Awards 2013

After the succesfull first edition of the Giant Panda Zoo Awards in 2012, will organise a second edition, the Giant Panda Zoo Awards 2013, in December 2013/January 2014.

Why Giant Panda Zoo Awards?

  • To promote panda conversation an research activities
  • To reward zoos, organisations and individuals who are makin a difference in panda conservation
  • The Giant Panda is one of the most beautifull, loved and interesting animals around the world
  • It is the most famous endangered animal on our planet
  • The Giant Panda is an Ambassador for conversation, nature and wildlife in- and outside China
  • There are only 1.600 Giant Pandas in the wild
  • Panda fans around the world like to follow the ‘Panda Adventures’ of the 376 pandas in captivity
  • Only 17 zoos outside of China house Giant Pandas