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Facial recognition app for pandas was developped

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2019 05 21 | In: CCRCGP Wolong

Giant pandas are instantly recognizable as a species, but their uniform black and white markings makes them fairly anonymous as individuals. At least, to human eyes.

Not so for artificial intelligence, as researchers in China have developed an AI-powered facial recognition app that can identify specific pandas.

Researchers have built a database with over 120.000 images and 10.000 video clips of giant pandas that would allow them to correctly identify individual animals.

“The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population, distribution, ages, gender ratio, birth and deaths of wild pandas, who live in deep mountains and are hard to track,” Chen Peng, a researcher who co-authored the paper Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database, told Xinhua News.

“It will definitely help us improve efficiency and effectiveness in conservation and management of the animals,” said Chen.

Source: sc.news.cn

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