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Mei Xiang Pregnancy Update

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2011 07 08 | In: Smithsonian's National Zoological Park


Mei Xiang continues to keep us guessing. Last week we saw her hormones decreasing and her activity increasing. With no evidence of a fetus on the daily ultrasounds, we were beginning to await the end of a pseudopregnancy. However, during the past two days she has remained in her den, eating very little, cradling her toys, and body licking. She has not given us a urine sample to check for hormones or been willing to participate in ultrasound, so we can’t confirm what this behavior means. This is a reminder that it is important for us to have pandas at the Zoo as every new behavior is a valuable data point that helps us understand more about the reproductive habits of these amazing animals.

Source: National Zoo

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