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Toronto Panda Cubs Are Learning To Eat Bamboo

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2016 11 16 | In: Toronto Zoo

Even though our giant panda cubs just turned 13 months old, did you know that they are still bottle fed twice a day?
In addition to their AM and PM bottles of formula, they still eat sweet potatoes and apples as well. They are both ‘practicing’ eating bamboo, learning how to eat it intermittently in small bits. Jia Panpan often drags bamboo up to the top of their platform before munching on the leaves. Keepers have also noted that Jia Yueyue has taken a liking to the adult leaf-eater biscuits, eating them from time to time too. Jia Panpan now weighs 25.88kg and Jia Yueyue weighs 23.05kg!


Source: Panda-Fandom Worldwide

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