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Singapore's cub is a boy

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2021 09 10 | In: Giant Panda News, Mandai River Wonders

The giant pandas in Singapore, Kai Kai and Jia Jia welcomed their first baby boy at River Safari on 14 August 2021. After close to a month in the warm embrace of Jia Jia’s loving care, the panda cub is doing well and steadily growing day by day.

In the past month, the cub has started to develop prominent black markings around his eyes, ears and body – transforming from a fur-less pink newborn to a miniature version of his parents. Jia Jia has also regained her appetite and has resumed eating, albeit slowly. She can now be regularly seen munching on her favourite bamboo leaves while contentedly and confidently cradling her cub. The new mom is also comfortable leaving her cub unattended for short intervals while she eats, poops or pees.
In conjunction with this momentous milestone, you are welcome to play a part in the naming of this #littleone before it turns 100 days old on 21 November 2021.

Names should be catchy and easy to remember, while reflecting characters with positive meanings or attributes, have relevance to Singapore heritage and culture as well as significance to the friendship between Singapore and China. A judging panel chaired by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings, will oversee the process. The judging panel will include representatives from academia, the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, relevant government agencies and WRS. Shortlisted names will be released for public voting, and the panda cub will take the name with the most number of votes.

Details on how you can participate are available on www.wrs.com.sg/pandacuband you have until 19 September to enter your submission.

Source: WRS Singapore

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