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Joint Statement by CAZG & Memphis Zoo

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2022 04 06 | In: Memphis Zoo

Joint statement on giant Panda Cooperation project between Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens and Memphis Zoo of USA

Memphis Zoo and the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG) have been partners since before the pandas arrived in Memphis in 2003.   Both organizations collaborated in the design and planning of Memphis Zoo’s China Exhibit, including the giant panda habitat, and over the past 19 years have continued to work together to ensure the best care for the animals in many ways.  In designing the one-of-a-kind China Exhibit, Memphis Zoo and CAZG took great care to fulfill the physical and psychological needs of the giant pandas.   The exhibit was also designed to teach visitors about these incredible animals, while embracing China’s rich cultural heritage.

Since the launch of the giant panda project, the two sides have established an exchange mechanism for the health status of giant pandas, including monthly health reports and annual physical examination reports. The annual physical examination includes extensive diagnostic tests to comprehensively evaluate them.As Memphis Zoo and CAZG work closely to monitor the health of both pandas, they also collaborate with U.S. and Chinese experts to ensure these bears continue to receive the very best care.  Together we have made massive strides over the last 19 years.

After a careful review of both monthly reports and a recent extensive annual physical examination, CAZG feels that the panda bears at the Memphis Zoo receive excellent care.  The recent physical examination report showed that the blood examination results was basically normal and there were no abnormalities in imaging examination. As the panda bears at the Memphis Zoo have entered the geriatric phase of their lives, CAZG closely monitors the bears and makes recommendations for special accommodations considering their age.   At CAZG’s direction, the Memphis Zoo has adapted their daily care to ensure they are receiving the correct nutrients and any supplements needed in their diet.  The animal care team at the Memphis Zoo works diligently to keep the bears healthy and happy.   CAZG is confident that the giant pandas at the Memphis Zoo are receiving the highest quality of care.

Memphis Zoo is honored to be home to Ya Ya and Le Le for 19 years and are proud of the partnership that has grown between the Memphis Zoo and CAZG.  We look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

To read the statement on the CAZG website, follow the link below:

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