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Chiang Mai Zoo was establish in 1974 (A.D.) by Mr. Harold Mason Young an American missionary who came to Thailand as a volunteer to teach survival skill to soldiers on Thailand’s border. He rented a piece of land to take care of rescued animal which has been injured by hunters at the time and when the animal are recovered he started his reintroduction by return them to the jungle, but there were some very weak animal suffered from badly the wounds and some could not be able to survive or foraging in the jungle.

Situated on 212 acres of verdant forest land at the foothill of Doi Suthep mountain, the zoo is surrounded by hilly terrain which is home to thousands of species of wild plants and flowers adorning the natural landscape of valleys, streams and waterfalls.

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Giant pandas at Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo has built a special exhibit inside a cool, air-conditioned climate for the comfort of the pair of giant pandas on loan from China. The zoo was selected by the Zoological Park Organization of Thailand for the care and display of these pandas. A moat separates the pandas from the visitors.

Chuang Chuang & Lin Hui moved to Thailand on October 12, 2003 on a 10 year loan. The contract was renewed in 2013.

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