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Shuan Shuan settles in at Guadalajara Zoo

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2010 07 11 | In: Zoologico Guadalajara


The Guadalajara Zoo made this video about Shuan Shuan’s first days at her new temporary home.
It seems she has been doing fine. She was chosen between Mexico’s three pandas because her good state of health and her adaptable temperament.

His keeper, Elias Garcia, who is in charge of Chapultepec Zoo’s pandas for 13 years, moved with her to Guadalajara.

Shuan Shuan likes to swim and roll in the grass. Her favorite food is ofcourse bamboo. But she also likes red apples, cooked rice, carrots, cactus, cooked chicken and a special skin-friendly concentrated canidae .

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