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Ri Ri & Shin Shin will have to go on a diet

Posted by Jeroen Jacobs | Date: 2011 08 10 | In: Ueno Zoo


Ri Ri & Shin Shin, who live at the Ueno Zoo in Japan will have to go on a diet. A panda’s normal body weight is 100-120 kg. In early March, Ri Ri & Shin Shin’s weight were 134.4 kg (296 lb) and 117.6 kg (259 lb). On July 25, Ri Ri’s weight had soared to 147 kg (324 lb) and Shin Shin has reached 129 kg (284 lb). When the two pandas weigh over 150 kg, it is likely that it will affect the reproduction…

Source: http://world.huanqiu.com/roll/2011-08/1896905.html

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