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On July 6, 1923, by initiative of the misionary and pioneer of Mexican Biology, Alfonso L. Herrera, the first stone of the Chapultepec Zoo was placed. The zoo receives more than 5,5 million visitors a year and is home to more than 2050 animals of 250 different species. Their objectives are those to foment education activities and investigation to cause that the animals of the collections stay healthy and reproduce, and with it its conservation is obtained, offering to the visitors recreation, relaxation and a culture of protection to Zoological silvestres. The fauna and the flora has become a modern resource to protect the biodiversity, and has stopped being only recreational centers, is in fact, the only possibility of survival of some species, as well as authentic genetical banks.

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Giant pandas at Chapultepec Zoo

Chapultepec Zoo’s panda quarters had been purpose-built for Pe Pe & Ying Ying in 1975 to a design originated by Zoo Director Jean F. Schoch. Following the advice of Chinese zoologists, the plan included twin indoor and outdoor enclosures and a third indoor compartment.

Pe Pe & Ying Ying came to Chapultepec Zoo on September 10, 1975.

They were a goodwill gift from the Chinese government when vice-premier Chen Yuachi visited Mexico.

Pe Pe & Ying Ying became parents of Xen Li, Tohui, Liang Liang, Xiu Hua, Xiu Hua’s twin brother, Ping Ping & Shuan Shuan. Tohui is the only one who reproduced, she received one daughter, Xin Xin.

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